Daridrota Niroson Kormosuchi (DANIK) means Poverty Reduction Programme has been established as a non profit, non government organization and registered from Department of Social Services (DSS) of government of Bangladesh. DANIK has been working in south coastal zone of Bangladesh since its inception 2001 with a view to reduce poverty and vulnerability of disadvantaged people through different development approaches as women and girls empowerment, child education, health and nutrition, rural agricultural, fisheries & livestock development, water and sanitation, sustainable renewable energy development, disaster management, human rights, child rights, HIV/AIDS, reproductive health, development of disable people, disaster response, humanitarian relief, energy, climate change adaptation, social awareness and mobilization.

Empowering disadvantaged people and establishing their rights through socio economic development in situation of poverty and vulnerability

A society free from poverty, insecurity and discrimination where people live in freedom, peace and dignity